7 Reasons To Live Stream Your Wedding Day

Your Wedding is hands down the most important day of your life. The memories you’ll make with your partner and loved ones are memories you’ll cherish forever. At Melbourne Live, we pride ourselves to stream that day perfectly so everyone can ‘Join In’ be a part of your big day, regardless of where they are.

Here are 7 Reasons why you should Live Stream your Wedding Day online with Melbourne Live. 

  1. Coronavirus Restrictions 

COVID-19 restrictions won’t ruin your big day if you choose to Livestream with us. If you can’t have your friends and family come in from overseas, with our high-quality live streaming services it’ll be like they’re in the room, even if they’re miles away! Even if they’re not overseas but they just can’t come because of Wedding capacities, your guests can enjoy your wedding on Zoom or Youtube Live. Too many couples have had to choose people to uninvite out of their weddings because of last-minute changes to restrictions, so being able to offer a high quality streaming link is a great solution.

  1. Multi-Camera Live Streaming

How many times at a wedding have you missed out on something just because you weren’t in the right position in the room to get a good view? With Melbourne Live we can stream with up to 4 cameras and get all the angles so that your guests and viewers don’t miss a moment. If anything happens to a camera, someone walks in the way, etc, we can simply switch to another camera that has a better view.

  1. You can have a speech be made from anywhere in the world

Your parents can still make the speech that they’ve been waiting to say your whole life, on your wedding day, even if they’re in another country (or state, you never know these days) Just because they can’t be there in the physical room, doesn’t mean that they can’t be there! We can live stream overseas family into the venue through simple-to-use and high-quality software such as Zoom and set up a portable T.V, Speakers and even a projector to have your family member feel like they are present at your ceremony and reception. 

If the venue already has a projector or screens that can be used, we can reach out to the venue and organise it all, talking another worry off your list.

 With Melbourne Live, facilitating a speech on Zoom is no hassle at all, so go with us to make sure that no speech is left out on your special day!

  1. You’ll get a high-quality recording copy of your day

If you live stream either your wedding ceremony or reception with us, you’ll get a high-quality recording of everything we stream so that you can reminisce and look back on everything that happened that you might have missed! With all our multi-camera packages, the recording is already edited and takes advantage of all the different camera angles to come together and become a wedding video! Some wedding videographers charge more to have a full-length recording of the ceremony and reception, so by having the wedding live streaming, you can also save money with your videographer as the full-length recording is already taken care of.

  1. You can see your family while they’re watching you!

It’s one thing to know that your family and friends are watching your wedding day on zoom but seeing them will make it feel like they’re actually in the room with you. One of the most popular options is to set up a large 4K monitor at the back of the ceremony space and have the faces of all of your family, and friends who can’t make it! We can even set up a separate microphone to allow you to talk to your friends and family who have joined in.

  1. Bonded Internet Streaming

We have invested in the best of the best live streaming cameras, equipment, and expertise with our crew to create the most flawless stream possible. One of those investments is a Bonded internet streaming solution. This allows up to combine or ‘Bond’ multiple internet connections to allow us to stream in locations that have low 5G/4G/3G reception to create a connection that allows us to broadcast your wedding in the best quality possible!

  1. Roaming Camera

Unlike most of our competitors, we supply 2 crew members for all of our multi-camera live streams. This means we can have a dedicated stream technician, who can monitor the stream, switch cameras and mix audio, while the other can be a dedicated camera operator. Using professional broadcast equipment we can wireless transmit video from a camera, allowing us to have a moving camera shot going to the live stream. Having a moving camera allows us to get dozens of different angles over the course of the event, transforming the live stream to have a quality similar to an edited highlight video! 

For all of our bookings taken before December 2021, we are offering to include a wireless roaming camera for FREE with every Multi-Camera Package!

So don’t leave it to your “tech savvy” cousin to run a sketchy zoom, that could be muted the whole time or cut out halfway due to internet troubles. When it comes to you and your loved ones having the best live stream experience possible, you can trust Melbourne Live to bring you a high-quality Wedding Live stream service to make sure that nobody misses out on your big day!

Make an enquiry in the ‘Contact us’ section of our website to have an engaging and immersive wedding with all of your guests! 

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